about us

Alan Mitchell

CDT RCS (eng)


My name is Alan Mitchell and I am the owner of Cosmetic Denture Clinic.

I qualified as a Clinical Dental Technician from the Royal College of Surgeons 2008.

A clinical dental technician is registered with the General Dental Council to provide dentures direct to the patient, therefore no need to visit your dentist. However, as a dental care professional we do work as part of a team and this is crucial for the patient wishing implants as well as patients with remaining teeth requiring partial dentures. We work closely with accomplished dentists and have a swift efficient referral system if this is required.

I pride myself on achieving the best possible outcome for all patients as well as looking after patients through the settling in period, as we all know how difficult wearing dentures can be at times. I am continually using new techniques which are researched by leading dental companies and there are constantly new materials arriving on the market which help us to achieve the best denture for patients.

I hope this gives you an insight into why Cosmetic Denture Clinic is the right choice for you.

Best wishes