Choosing the right denture treatment for you

So you have decided to invest in new dentures. The next important step is deciding which treatment is best for you. There are a few basic questions you should ask yourself before deciding:

  • What are you hoping to achieve with new dentures, is it simply to look better, perhaps a brighter smile. Are you having problems with current denture in respect to eating, talking or are they just loose and you have no confidence when wearing them.
  • How much of your time will you give in order to achieve your goal. A denture generally takes approximately 5 weeks with a settling in period thereafter. However, the more complex options with implants can take 4 months to a year to completely settle. This is a huge investment of your time, but results can be life changing, particularly if you are struggling with dentures and want a fixed option.
  • Cost! The thing we don’t want to think about. What budget do you have available. The implant options are not inexpensive, however, they can change a persons’ quality of life. We recognise most people have limitations on funds and we will provide the very best option for your budget.

For a natural confident smile call the Cosmetic Denture Clinic on 0141 647 8889 / Prestwick 01292 473 707

Complete Dentures

At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic our aim is to place your artificial teeth in the position that your
natural teeth occupied. This will give you the correct lip and facial support for the most natural
appearance. Nothing will be finished until your happy with the appearance.

For complete dentures we have 4 treatment ranges allowing you to choose which will best suit your
situation and expectations. We offer the Cosmetic Denture Range, Flexible Dentures, Premium Quality Dentures and the new Superior Suction Denture Range.

Our Expertise

Our owner, Alan Mitchell has over 22 years’ experience in cosmetic dentures, holds a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology and is a member of the British Association of Clinical Dental Technology.

Our expertise is solely in denture construction to allow you to achieve the best look and feel from your dentures.

Please browse our website for a step by step guide on the exact treatment plan and photos.

Dentures to Suit every Budget

Glasgow Clinic is open Monday to Friday 9-5, however, we do offer late appointments to our patients who have work restrictions.
Please phone 0141 647 8889.

Prestwick Clinic can offer Monday afternoon and Thursday morning appointments. Please phone 01292 473 707.

You can also email us at or via our online contact form.

Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your dentures are functioning correctly.