Denture Treatments

At the cosmetic denture clinic we aim to produce the most natural looking and optimal functioning denture.

The first step to achieving this is by listening to you. Our first consultation will involve listening to your past experience of dentures, likes/dislikes and what you ultimately wish to achieve. I will then assess your mouth and offer options which will help achieve your expectations.

COSMETIC RANGE* from £1150
SINGLE PLATE from £750

Highlights: high detailed multi-layered acrylic teeth set in high impact plates which offers a natural appearance.*Only available at Glasgow clinics

SINGLE PLATE from £1050

Premium BPS
Benefits include – superior pearl effect teeth whilst utilising the “ivobase system denture” for a precision fit.


Swiss Denture Concept

The ultimate in denture design. Swiss denture teeth are designed to make eating with a lower denture easier and highly recommended for complete denture wearers who have a flat ridge, with none of the retentive features necessary for a full lower denture, also includes ivobase system.

Suction Effect Dentures from £2800

A common complaint for a lot of patients is the lower denture lifting and moving around. After extensive research by Dr Jiro Abe a new solution has been created in which we have had extensive training. We are now able to create a lower denture which will have more suction and stability. Ask for more details or call our clinic.

Partial denture includes dental assessment**

1-2 tooth £195-£250, injection moulded £395
3-6 teeth £275-£400, injection moulded £495

Additional services

Chrome cobalt plates £225
Soft bases for increased comfort £150
Same day reline on full plate £150

**dental assessment is a check up by a dentist to ensure your remaining teeth are healthy before we begin to construct a partial denture for you. We can organise this locally for you or you could go to your own dentist.

Denture set