Premium Quality Dentures

At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic our aim is to place your artificial teeth in the position that your natural teeth occupied. This will give you the correct lip and facial support for the most natural appearance. Nothing will be finished until your happy with the appearance.

Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your
dentures are functioning correctly.

For complete dentures we have 3 treatment ranges allowing you to choose which will best suit your
situation and expectations, cosmetic range, premium quality dentures and the Swiss denture range.

Premium quality dentures, full set £1650, single set £1050.

Our premium quality dentures are made using the “ivobase” injection mould process. This process eliminates any shrinkage of your denture plate, therefore ensures the best fit possible.
This option also offers a superior tooth option. We use teeth which offer character, attractiveness and liveliness.

SOFT Dentures Sample

Soft Dentures Sample

BOLD Dentures Sample

Bold Dentures