Swiss Dentures

At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic our aim is to place your artificial teeth in the position that your natural teeth occupied. This will give you the correct lip and facial support for the most natural appearance. Nothing will be finished until your happy with the appearance.

Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your
dentures are functioning correctly.

For complete dentures we have 3 treatment ranges allowing you to choose which will best suit your
situation and expectations, cosmetic range, premium quality and the swiss denture.

Swiss Denture, full set £2150

The swiss denture concept combines the latest clinical and technical procedures to produce the
most stable natural looking dentures. More technical time is spent to ensure you new smile is closest to nature in appearance and function.

This option is the ultimate bespoke denture we offer. We concentrate on gum contouring and staining to achieve a life like appearance.

We only use the latest clinical and technical procedures when producing this type of denture. It has been specifically developed for the patient who has advanced bone loss in the lower jaw and requires greater stability whilst eating.


  • Closest to nature in appearance and functionality
  • Injection moulded plates to ensure precision fit
  • Extensive range of shades and moulds so we can achieve the most natural looking denture

BOLD Dentures Sample

Bold Dentures

SOFT Dentures Sample

Soft Dentures Sample