Superior Suction Denture

At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic our aim is to place your artificial teeth in the position that your natural teeth occupied. This will give you the correct lip and facial support for the most natural appearance. Nothing will be finished until your happy with the appearance.

Aftercare is important at the denture clinic and follow up appointments will be made to ensure your
dentures are functioning correctly.

For complete dentures we have 4 treatment ranges allowing you to choose which will best suit your
situation and expectations. We offer the Cosmetic Denture Range, Flexible Dentures, Premium Quality Dentures and the new Superior Suction Denture Range.

For a natural confident smile call the Cosmetic Denture Clinic.

What is a Superior Suction Denture?

One of the most frustrating aspects of wearing dentures is the lower denture lifting up when opening your mouth. This can make eating difficult and can have a negative impact on your confidence. At the Cosmetic Denture Clinic were are trained in the Dr Abe suction-effect lower denture technique which was specifically formulated to tackle the “slack lifting denture”

The technique is named after Dr Jiro Abe from Japan ,who in 1998 put together 10yrs worth of clinical results and started to publish his results in dental journals.

In 2004 Dr Abe came to Europe and started lecturing on his remarkable technique.
After extensive training we are now delivering this treatment and many patients are benefiting from a more secure stable lower denture.


  • Closest to nature in appearance and functionality
  • Injection moulded plates to ensure precision fit
  • Extensive range of shades and moulds so we can achieve the most natural looking denture